Necklace Set

How to buy a Necklace Set?

Choosing a necklace set that is right for your body, face and height can be a daunting task, especially if you are buying it for the first time. we understand this dilemma of yours and thus bring you to a guide to necklace lengths and how they can complement your look. Necklaces are available in a variety of lengths, however not every length would look the same on every person. There are several factors like the face shape, body and height that contribute to the look of the necklace. 

Just like dresses and accessories, your face shape can play an important role in what style of a necklace set suits you better than others. 

Oblong or Square Shaped Face – A shorter or choker necklace style will help in softening the sharper angles of the face, highlighting a longer neck.

Heart-shaped face – If you are blessed with a heart-shaped face, try a shorter length of necklaces from 16” to 18” for softening the angles of the face.

Oval or Round Shaped Face – You can look for necklaces that elongate your face such as those available between the lengths of 20” and 24”. This will help in framing the face effortlessly giving your face a V-shape that brings the eye down.

Women who have taller or shorter height find it hard to find a necklace shape that is just right for them. Shorter women find necklaces that are too long and taller women find that a necklace set sits short on the torso. Here is a look at different heights to choose the best necklace.

Regular Height – If your height is between 5’4” and 5’7”, you can wear a necklace set of any length however consider your body and face shape.

Tall – If you have a tall frame, you can wear a necklace of any length however longer styles would accentuate your height. If you are thinking of buying a short length necklace then look for the one that complements your face shape.

Short – If your height is or 5’4” or less, then necklaces that elongate your frame, however, do not hang too low make for the perfect choice. If you want a shorter length, try the 16” and 18” length as it would fit your proportions aptly. When buying longer necklaces, 20” and 24” necklaces are the best choice as they would hang effortlessly. 

Now that you have got a complete idea of buying a necklace set, you can start shopping for the same. Kelly Bello Design is a name you can count on if you are looking for a wide collection of necklace sets. Irrespective of what the occasion or your choice is, you can be assured to choose from an exclusive collection. 


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